Abby Gail Allen

May 24, 2020 Sue O'Brien 0

This year in the EXIT program Abby used real-life work experiences to learn and grow into an independent, hard-working young woman. She realized her natural […]

Chanel Deviek Davis

May 24, 2020 Sue O'Brien 2

Chanel had been involved in cheer leading, track, and student council. She has developed food prep skills and teamwork through her work in the Bistro […]

Emily Guerra walking out side on the TSBVI campus.

Emily Guerra

May 24, 2020 Sue O'Brien 1

While here at TSBVI, Emily expanded many of her skills- particularly social interaction, orientation and mobility, work training, and attending Austin Community College. Emily will […]

Stefani Samira Hernandez in her maroon graduation cap and gown. Stefani is holding her diploma.

Stefani Samira Hernandez

May 24, 2020 Sue O'Brien 0

Stefani came to us from Saginaw, TX, and has been here at TSBVI for two years. In that time, she has developed many important skills, and has gained valuable knowledge. Samira worked on her independent living, vocational, social and problem-solving skills. Samira enjoyed baking, helping her friends, and inviting others to join her in recreational activities. When she returns to Saginaw, Samira hopes to work with TWC to gain future employment at a local pizza restaurant.

Eric Longoria, Jr

May 24, 2020 Sue O'Brien 0

This year at TSBVI Eric worked extremely hard to pursue the next steps in his life with an increased self-awareness and curiosity to explore new […]

Anais Martinez

May 24, 2020 Sue O'Brien 0

During Anais’s time at TSBVI, she has impacted the lives of all those around her with her laughter and kind spirit. Anais has impressed all […]

Stacey Lea Murphee is wearing a maroon cap and gown with a gold collar. She is holding her diploma.

Stacey Lea Murphee

May 24, 2020 Sue O'Brien 0

Stacey Murphree has brightened our campus with her infectious laugh and bright smile. During her time here she has practiced working off-campus in a variety […]

Agapito Vasquez's graduation photo. Agapita is wearing a grey suit and a white shirt.

Agapito Brandon Vasquez

May 24, 2020 Sue O'Brien 0

A twenty-year old graduate from Birdville ISD in Haltom City, Texas, Agapito has learned much to further his independence and adult learning.