Stacey Lea Murphee

Stacey Lea Murphee is wearing a maroon cap and gown with a gold collar. She is holding her diploma.
Stacey Murphee's graduation photo.

Stacey Murphree has brightened our campus with her infectious laugh and bright smile. During her time here she has practiced working off-campus in a variety of settings including a thrift shop and local restaurant.

Stacey has built friendships, increased her communication skills, and discovered new likes; she especially enjoys making salsa, baking, and other meal prep related routines.

After graduation, Stacey will live at home and work in her community with the support of her TWC counselor and family. We wish you all the best, Stacey, and are so proud of all you’ve accomplished in your 4 years at TSBVI.

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