Maycie Leighan Gonzalez

Maycie Gonzalez's graduation picture. She is wearing the maroon cap and gown with the gold collar.
Maycie's Graduation Photo

Maycie is from Highlands, Texas and has been at TSBVI for the past three years. Academically, Maycie has always performed at the top of her class and impressed her teachers with her leadership skills. She also was extremely active at TSBVI outside of the classroom. In her three years, she has participated in countless extracurricular activities, including: track and field, goal-ball, cheer leading, swim team, student council, theater productions, Leo’s Club, art, and various work training opportunities. After she graduates, she plans on attending Criss Cole and the post-secondary program, as well as preparing for college studies in child life specialties.


  1. Maycie, I’m so proud of you and all that you have accomplished these last 18 years. You are strong, you are brave, you are amazing! I’m so proud to be your Aunt! There is nothing you cannot do. I love you very much and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for you! Dream big, you deserve it!

  2. Happy graduation, Maycie! Wishing you much success and great times in your future! All the best, and congratulations!

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