Gyorgi Indrani Szenttornyay

Graduation photo of Gyorgi Indrani Szenttornyay in a maroon cap and gown.

Gyorgi is a native of Lubbock, Texas, and has been attending TSBVI since 2013. She is a talented creative writer, and an expert user of several technologies. Gyorgi loves cooking and exploring the world–especially going shopping or attending events with interesting sounds that she can record! Gyorgi’s classmates and teachers admire her for her empathy, courage, and sharp wit. She puts her best qualities forward when she works at Westminster, a nearby retirement community. After graduation, Gyorgi plans to continue volunteering with charitable organizations and attend a day program, while living in an apartment of her own. Gyorgi, thank you for the many memories and belly-laughs over these 6 years! We are proud of you, and excited to see what you accomplish next.

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