Gabrielle Nobles Caldwell

Photo of Gabrielle in a blue dress.
Gabrielle Caldwell

Gabrielle “Gabby” is a dedicated, motivated student and has worked hard to make it to this day. She is well-rounded and in addition to her classes and on-campus work training opportunities at TSBVI, she participated in cheerleading and swimming. Gabby enjoys the circus, clowns, mimes, cats (the animal, not sure about the musical), sports, video games, cooking, and baking cakes, and her favorite band is KISS. She has a great laugh and shares it freely. In her future, she would like to attend clown college and use her newfound skills to help cheer up children in the hospital. Congratulations, Gabby! You have a beautiful hear

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  1. Happy graduation, Gabby! I’m so proud of you and glad to have been able to work with you, again, in class this year. The joy you bring to world is inspiring! Keep rockin’ on like a hurricane in the Exit program, Gabby! Wishing you great things!

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