Eric Michael Garza

Eric Garza sitting outside leaning against tree. Eric is wearing a maroon and gold TSBVI t-shirt,
Eric's Senior Picture

Eric is very easy going and has a great sense of humor, but he is also very serious about his goals, and he is ready to start his new life in Schulenburg Texas. Eric arrived at TSBVI at the beginning of his Junior year and he has quickly bloomed into the social young man he is today. Eric is the vice president of the student council this year.  He also made the track team which required him to do extra workouts and to be a team player by encouraging others.

Eric is very interested in having a job in the food industry as he enjoys making meals for his family and friends.  Eric loves chocolate, and if you’ve ever eaten his famous chocolate brownies you know he is on the road to excellence. 

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  1. Congratulations, Eric! So proud of you and all you accomplished while at TSBVI. Your sense of humor and dedication to thoroughly following through all of your activities, was impressive and shall be missed! Wishing great things for you in the future, Eric…and hope you can keep us posted on how you and your family are! All the best!

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