Bryce Lane Pippin

Bryce wearing a maroon cap and gown with the gold collar is standing in a library.
Bryce in his graduation cap and gown standing in a library.

Bryce Pippin, a proud native of Anson, Texas, has attended the EXIT program since 2018. While at TSBVI, he has participated in the Venture Crew and worked at the Wildcat Coffee Shop. He loves animals, outdoor activities, and sports–and he knows A LOT about sports.

Bryce is admired for his caring and inquisitive nature. After graduating from TSBVI, Bryce plans to complete one year of vocational training with Anson ISD before joining his family in providing elder care at Anson Senior Living. Bryce: thank you for brightening our campus with your positivity and humor. We are proud of everything you have accomplished. 

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